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I'm embedding a Ooyala player via a fairly standard iframe embed:

 <iframe id="video-1" src="http://www.flotrack.org/embed/MzU3NzQwODE1?related=0&autoplay=false" width="480" height="270" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen scrolling="no"></iframe>

Is there a way to utilize Ooyala's JavaScript API to communicate with an iframe that is already on the page? I'd rather not replace a div with a player as the API example shows. I am embedding videos from an Ooyala account I do not own. I'd like to accomplish something along the lines of the following:

player = OO.Player.create('video-1');

Following this example, I've been able to accomplish this for a YouTube embed with YouTube's API as long as the embed src attribute includes the parameter enablejsapi=1.

Can I do the same with an Ooyala iframe embed?

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what you are trying to do is not supported, check out our doc on iFrame. http://support.ooyala.com/developers/documentation/reference/player_v3_dev_iframe_nonwindows.html

You can embed with IFRAME, but the interaction via JS is not possible.

BTW, we have a support community: http://community.ooyala.com/ Check it out when you have technical questions. :-)

Cheers, Thomas

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