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I am trying to make a single ajax response cross-domain. Is that possible? I tried something like this, but that did not work:

function my_call_callback() {
  header("Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *");
  if (headers_sent())
      echo "headers was sent";
      echo "headers was not sent"; // This is what I get
add_action('wp_ajax_my_call', 'my_call_callback');

The code above shows how to make an ajax response in Wordpress. That part works, but the header I am trying to add does not seem to be sent. I am trying to understand why. Could this be a problem with .htaccess?

UPDATE: It suddenly started working. I have really no idea why but see my guess on the WP side.

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Are you examining the actual HTTP response headers in the browser debugger or packet sniffer? headers_sent() will return false if the headers have not yet been sent, meaning if you see "headers was not sent", then your Access-Control-Allow-Origin header is probably being sent successfully. –  drew010 Mar 25 at 23:13
Q: Is it, or isn't it sent? Did you verify in Wireshark, FF/Firebug or equivalent??? –  FoggyDay Mar 25 at 23:13
I can't see the header I am trying to add in Firebug. But maybe I am missing something since I am not sued to checking headers. –  Leo Mar 25 at 23:15
I don't think you understand what headers_sent() does. It will only return true once output has begun, thus committing the header response block. Calling header() essentially adds parameters to a queue. –  Phil Mar 26 at 1:55
Thanks @Phil, I was really unsure since nothing worked. Otherwise I thought it worked just as you explained. I am still not sure why it did not work. (Things are much easier in some ways if you have a server on your own. This is on a shared server.) –  Leo Mar 26 at 5:19

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