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If you look into project.pbxproj, you shall see that every file in the project has a hash

For example

1D60589F0D05DD5A006BFB54 /* Foundation.framework in Frameworks */ = {isa = PBXBuildFile; fileRef = 1D30AB110D05D00D00671497 /* Foundation.framework */; };

1D60589F0D05DD5A006BFB54 is the hash for the linked foundation framework.

I wonder how these are calculated i.e. what function is used and what meta information besides the file name goes into the input for the hash.

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uuid_t uuid;
NSString *UUID = @"";
    for (int i = 0; i < 12; i++) UUID = [UUID stringByAppendingFormat:@"%02X", uuid[i]];


def GenerateId(cls):
        return ''.join(str(uuid.uuid4()).upper().split('-')[1:])
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I am not sure I understand your answer. In the Python code the input (cls) does not seem to be used at all to generate the return value. Can you edit your answer to add more explanations, please. –  Inteist Mar 26 at 20:23
Sorry, I'm not a Python programmer, but sometimes I use some scripts. This string is from github.com/kronenthaler/mod-pbxproj/blob/master/mod_pbxproj.py - you can inspect whole file and find more info. –  Sergey Nikitin Mar 27 at 6:14

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