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I'm wondering if there's a possibility to set a fix position for a toolbar, for example:

In my UIViewController I got an UITableView and an UIToolbar. If the table view have 50 rows, how can I set the toolbar is always at the bottom of the view, so that I don't have to scroll down first to get to the toolbar. The toolbar should be shown at anytime.

I hope you know what I mean and thanks in advance for your answers.

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If you have a UINavigationController, and 2.x compatibility is not required, you should use the toolbarItems property to create a toolbar attached to the controller.

See also http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1072604/whats-the-right-way-to-add-a-toolbar-to-a-uitableview.

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thanks, that was exactly what I'm looking for. –  Sean Feb 15 '10 at 10:26

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