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I'm building a mail module for my web app. At my current point, I'm trying to fetch the mail body and decode it correctly. However, when I come across international characters in the mail, it doesn't decode them correctly.

ex. I have a raw email body:

--001a11c126f6bd3aa804f575bd85 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1 
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable ss -- s Niels S=F8nderb=E6k --001a11c126f6bd3aa804f575bd85 
Content-Type: text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1 Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

-- s
Ni= els S=F8nderb=E6k

This is the result after decoding:

-- s
Niels S�nderb�k

The Niels S�nderb�k should be Niels Sønderbæk. I've only seen this problem, when dealing with international characters. Does anybody know how to fix it? I've included my decoding code below. It's taken from http://www.sitepoint.com/exploring-phps-imap-library-1/.


$imap = imap_open(...);

$uid = ...

function getBody($uid, $imap) {
    $body = get_part($imap, $uid, "TEXT/HTML");
    // if HTML body is empty, try getting text body
    if ($body == "") {
        $body = get_part($imap, $uid, "TEXT/PLAIN");
    return $body;

function get_part($imap, $uid, $mimetype, $structure = false, $partNumber = false) {
    if (!$structure) {
           $structure = imap_fetchstructure($imap, $uid, FT_UID);
    if ($structure) {
        if ($mimetype == get_mime_type($structure)) {
            if (!$partNumber) {
                $partNumber = 1;
            $text = imap_fetchbody($imap, $uid, $partNumber, FT_UID);
            switch ($structure->encoding) {
                case 3: return imap_base64($text);
                case 4: return imap_qprint($text);
                default: return imap_utf8($text);

        // multipart 
        if ($structure->type == 1) {
            foreach ($structure->parts as $index => $subStruct) {
                $prefix = "";
                if ($partNumber) {
                    $prefix = $partNumber . ".";
                $data = get_part($imap, $uid, $mimetype, $subStruct, $prefix . ($index + 1));
                if ($data) {
                    return $data;
    return false;

function get_mime_type($structure) {
    $primaryMimetype = array("TEXT", "MULTIPART", "MESSAGE", "APPLICATION", "AUDIO", "IMAGE", "VIDEO", "OTHER");

    if ($structure->subtype) {
       return $primaryMimetype[(int)$structure->type] . "/" . $structure->subtype;
    return "TEXT/PLAIN";

echo getBody($uid,$imap);
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Yes, the header says it's iso8859-1 character set encoding, but you've only undone the transfer encoding. You still need to do a character set conversion from the email to you Web apps character set, presumably utf8.

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How might I do that? –  Niels Sønderbæk Mar 26 at 9:08

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