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I have built a web application with multiple pages. Some of them are Knockout-driven.

I am trying to apply some Ajax-optimized page loading and stumble over the following issue.

Say I have the following general page structure

  <div id="content">

And the following view, which is using Knockout. I include the call to applyBindings inline for being able to load the right ViewModel for every view.

<section id="editor">
  <ul data-bind="foreach: items">

  ko.applyBindings({items: {}}, $("#editor").el)

I load the view asynchronously into div#content for example using JQuery.load("editor.html #content")

The first page load works fine, but when navigating away (again using JQuery.load) from this view and coming back again I receive the error:

You cannot apply bindings multiple times to the same element.

I have already tried to apply ko.cleanNode but with no success. What am I missing? The #editor node should be removed from the DOM when other content is shown. So I really do not understand how to clean bindings or reinitialize knockout.

Note: I do not want the old data, I want to initialize the Bindings like on a freshly loaded page

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Could you test your $("#editor").el in console? It doesn't work in standard jQuery.

If your $("#editor").el returns undefined, your ko.applyBindings({items: {}}, $("#editor").el) is essentially binding to window.document.body.

You may try

ko.applyBindings({items: {}}, $("#editor").get(0));

// call cleanNode before loading new page.
$("#content").load( "newpage.html" );
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Wow, thanks. Indeed $("#editor").get(0) or shorter: $("#editor")[0] does the trick. I didn't dig into that direction because $("#editor").el worked at the first place. –  Peter Sorowka Mar 26 at 9:11

if your bindings in "editor" section doesn't change,i suggest you to load(AJAX) only json data from server,and replace(modify) your viewModel in the browser,in that way knockout will refresh the dom automaticly.

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Thanks for the suggestion, but as my #editor section is not preserved, i cannot simply reinitialize the view model; i have to re-apply bindings. –  Peter Sorowka Mar 26 at 9:07

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