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I am trying to create a 2D scatter plot with DateTime values along the x-axis using ILNumerics. From my research this can be achieved by:

  • Using integer DateTime ticks (DTTs) as the DateTime position coordinate
  • Writing a LabelTransformFunc to create the DateTime string (label expression) for the DTT value of a given axes tick

    timeSeriesPlotCube.Axes.XAxis.Ticks.LabelTransformFunc = (ind, val) => { var tickDateTime = new DateTime ((long)val) return tickDateTime.ToString("dd-MMM-yy"); };

The problem I have is the automatic axes scaling factor that ILNumerics applies to large/small tick values is not provided in the val parameter passed to the LabelTransformFunc and therefore I cannot directly convert the val parameter to a DateTime string (the val parameter is the DTT value divided by the scaling factor).

My question is three-fold:

  1. Can the automatic axes scaling factor be switched off?
  2. How can I read the value of the axes scaling factor?
  3. Are there any alternative approaches to implementing such a basic chart?

I have tried various approaches to (2) including reading the text value of the ScaleLabel, but timeSeriesPlotCube.Axes.XAxis.ScaleLabel.Text is always empty.



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Why not using manual mode and giving the labels for ticks explicitly? –  Haymo Kutschbach Mar 26 '14 at 8:58
Did you find an answer? I have exactly the same problem. –  Ruslan Mar 25 at 3:45

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