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I currently have a simple MVC RedirectToAction action...

return RedirectToAction("Edit", "Customers", new {Id = iNewId});

... which redirects to Cutomers/Edit/1

However I’d like to append some custom values to the URL which will get used by javascript, returning URLs such as Cutomers/Edit/1#Tab1

What is the best method of doing this?

Many thanks.

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routes.MapRoute("WithTarget", "{controller}/{action}/{id}#{target}");


RedirectToAction("Edit", "Customers", new { id = iNewId, target = "Tab1" });


RedirectToRoute("WithTarget", new { controller = "Customers", action = "Edit", id = iNewId, target = "Tab1" });

But remember that the fragment is never sent from the client to the web server, so there's no way to read its value in a controller action.

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