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im creating pagination(it is not complete, but only most important part i think) for my website, everything is working good but it shows posts from the oldest it means oldest are on top ... but i need the newest posts on top on first page of my pagination

this is my pagination script

        $adjacents = 3;

       First get total number of rows in data table. 
        $query = "SELECT COUNT(*) as num FROM posts";
        $total_pages = mysql_fetch_array(mysql_query($query));
        $total_pages = $total_pages[num]; 

       /* Setup vars for query. */  
        $targetpage = "index.php";  
        $limit = 6;                                 
        $page = $_GET['page'];

            $start = ($page - 1) * $limit;          
            $start = 3; 

       /* Get data. */
        $sql = "SELECT * FROM posts LIMIT $start, $limit";
        $result = mysql_query($sql);

       /* Setup page vars for display. */
        if ($page == 0) $page = 1;                  
        $prev = $page - 1;                          
        $next = $page + 1;                          
        $lastpage = ceil($total_pages/$limit);      
        $lpm1 = $lastpage - 1;

When i use

        $result = mysql_safe_query('SELECT * FROM posts ORDER BY date DESC'); 

it will show posts from the newest to oldest but pagination will fail

Im still learning php so for every advice or solution really thanks

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Do you know that your ORDER BY query doesn't have the LIMIT clause? – bitfiddler Mar 26 '14 at 2:07
Thank you, i started think about it diferently, now it is fixed ... – user3001685 Mar 26 '14 at 2:44

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