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I am currently developing a Rack-based application and want to redirect all file requests(e.g. filename.filetype) to a specified folder.

Rack::Static only supports file requests for a special folder(e.g. "/media").

Do I have to write an own Rack middleware or does a out-of-the-box solution exist?

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To redirect every request to a particular path, use Rack::File (for some reason this class is absent in recent documentation, but it is still part of the latest Rack):

run Rack::File.new("/my/path")

To redirect every request, and add an HTML index of all files in the target dir, use Rack::Directory:

run Rack::Directory.new("/my/path")

To combine several directories or serve only a some requests from the target dir:

map "/url/prefix" do
  run Rack::File.new("/my/path")

# More calls to map if necessary...

# All other requests.
run MyApp.new
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I had to wrap the run MyApp.new with map "/" do .. end. Otherwise I was getting an undefined call method error. (No idea why.) –  Venkat D. Apr 5 '11 at 0:31
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You might be able to use Rack::File directly. Here's a config.ru file you can plug into rackup to see it work:

app = proc do |env|

run app
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run Rack::Directory.new(Dir.pwd)
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