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I'm comfortable using git, and I prefer it very much over CVS. Unfortunately, in our company, we have to use CVS as a version control system. I was wondering if there was anyway to use git locally while committing to the CVS repo, and I was elated when I found this SO question. Unfortunately, it does not seem to work on Windows. I have Git For Windows (mysysgit) installed on my computer, and when I type git cvs or git cvsimport in the terminal it says "not a git command". Is there anyway I can use this functionality on windows?

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Use Cygwin git instead of msysgit, it has this and other functions, like git daemon.

Or you can implement this feature and contribute it to msysgit.

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I was hoping to introduce this to people at work, but there is no way it'll be accepted if you need to do a full cygwin install just to get the functionality. sigh I'll try this out on my computer and accept your answer if it works (and no one comes up with a better method) – vedang Feb 16 '10 at 4:36
@vedang: the custom setup lets you pick exactly what packages to install so you can get away with a minimal git+dependencies install. – Mauricio Scheffer Feb 16 '10 at 12:20

I make that methodology work on Windows, but since our CVS server is Linux I do my export to CVS on that server, and then clone to my Windows machine. I push back through a staging repository also located on the Linux server.

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