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I would appreciate if someone could tell me what are the differences and benefits in using ActionCommand class from the Expression Blend and DelegateCommand class (Prism)?

If I understand correctly the DelegateCommand supports two delegates while the ActionCommand class supports only a single Execute delegate. Any other differences? After reading the documentation and online I still can't quite understand what are the benefits of using either one.

Thanks in advance

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Please take a look here – IntelliJ Amiya Mar 26 '14 at 5:43
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The DelegateCommand allows delegating the commanding logic instead of requiring a handler in the code behind. It uses a delegate as the method of invoking a target handling method. Like

public class DelegateCommand<T> : ICommand
    public DelegateCommand(Action<T> executeMethod, Func<T, bool> canExecuteMethod)
        this.executeMethod = executeMethod;
        this.canExecuteMethod = canExecuteMethod;
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