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How to add hide keyboard keyboard in iPhone same like as in iPad. I search a lot but didn't get any solution, IS it possible to do or not ?

I got only these opions - UIReturnKeyDefault, UIReturnKeyGo, UIReturnKeyGoogle, UIReturnKeyJoin, UIReturnKeyNext, UIReturnKeyRoute, UIReturnKeySearch, UIReturnKeySend, UIReturnKeyYahoo, UIReturnKeyDone, UIReturnKeyEmergencyCall,

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See the 1st answer to: stackoverflow.com/questions/9079815/… –  rmaddy Mar 26 at 5:33
possible duplicate of Add a button to hide keyboard –  rmaddy Mar 26 at 5:34
I want to change in keyboard buttons,not a toolbar button above the keyboard. –  San007 Mar 26 at 5:44
You can't. There is no API to customize a keyboard. You either add the inputAccessoryView or you create a totally custom keyboard and use it as the inputView of the text field or text view. –  rmaddy Mar 26 at 5:46
Ok, @rmaddy Thanks. –  San007 Mar 26 at 5:49

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