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I have a route using a customized load balancer as,

.loadBalance(new MyCustomLoadBalancer())

In the customized balancer class, it seems only processors can be gotten.

public class MyCustomLoadBalancer extends SimpleLoadBalancerSupport {
    public void process(Exchange exchange) throws Exception {
        List<Processor> pList = getProcessors();

        //It is wanted to log which endpoint is finally targeted.

But here, I want to log actually which endpoint is targeted when using this load balancer.
In product environment, Jetty or HTTP endpoints will be used instead of these mock endpoints.

Is there a way to realized this?

Based on the suggestion from Ibsen, I used the Jetty endpoint to do test.

.loadBalance(new MyCustomLoadBalancer())

But the Processors are not class of SendProcessor("foo instanceof SendProcessor" returns false), so I can't get the endpoint by getDestination.
I believe there should be some relationship between the endpoint and processor.

Could you give me more help?

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The Processor is a SendProcessor where you can get the endpoint it will send the exchange to.

if (foo instanceof SendProcessor) {
  SendProcessor send = (SendProcessor) foo;
  Endpoint dest = send.getDestination();
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Thanks for your quick reply. I'd like to do some test on real Jetty endpoint. –  user3462683 Mar 27 at 6:55
Hi Ibsen, Is this possible to get all contained endpoint instances in a load balancer? I think a load balancer instace acts as a container. Also, is it possible to get the corresponding processor instance used by a endpoint instance? If these work, the problem can also be solved. –  user3462683 Mar 27 at 8:43
The processor associated with Jetty endpoint is not instance of SendProcessor; I failed to get the endpoint by your suggested method. I want the load balancer to log the status of each endpoint. So the user can easily know which service is in problem. –  user3462683 Mar 27 at 8:46

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