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I had a look at Boo and it looks pretty awesome! I'm just curious about how stable it is at this stage? I mean, would you consider using it in real live production code?

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It's been production quality for several years now. Lots of people are using it, for example through the Brail view engine, Unity3D and Binsor.

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Rodrigo has stated that Boo will be at 1.0 when it can be written in Boo (last FAQ item). It is currently at 0.9.3. One of the items to be included before the 1.0 release, according to the bug/issue tracker, is Dynamic Object from .Net 4.0, but the matter may be up in the air based on Rodrigo's reply to questions about Net 4.0 features.

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Isn't IQuackFu essentially DynamicObject? I'm not sure there's much work they need to do to implement that. –  mattmc3 Jul 18 '10 at 23:13
Yes, Rodrigo sees it as a matter of changing over the dynamic dispatch implementation. He's looking for someone to step up and do it if you're interested. :) –  Hank Fay Jul 30 '10 at 16:28

It's not actually 1.0 yet (almost). That's what they're using as a guage or production readiness I believe.

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