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I made a small change to the igraph package and want to install this changed package. But I have already installed the raw igraph package in computer before. These two packages have the same name.

I tried to change the name in the DESCRIPTION file from igraph to igraphmy. But it did not work. As the error shows:

Error : .onLoad failed in loadNamespace() for 'igraphmy', details:
  call: library.dynam("igraph", pkgname, libname, local = FALSE)
  error: DLL 'igraph' not found: maybe not installed for this architecture?
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The igraph package contains C and other non-R code. This code is either compiles (if you are on Linux) when you do the install or you download pre-compiled binary files from CRAN (Mac and Windows). These C and C++ functions interface with R via .Call. The R function .Call includes as an argument the package name, igraph. So what happens is you load try to igraphmy and it fails because it can't find the functions in the igraph package that it wants because igraph isn't an existing package. Try loading igraph and then igraphmy or editing the DESCRIPTION to say that igraphmy depends on igraph and using the syntax igraphmy::foo to use the igraphmy version of a function and igraph::foo for the igraph verison.

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