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Can we integrate Skype API in a website so that users can talk to the admins of the website using Skype? Do users need Skype username for that? Is there any site which has such functionality already?

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You can put a Skype button on your website that is linked to your admin's Skype account. When a user clicks on that button (and has Skype installed on their machine) it will automatically call your admin.

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You can also use the callto scheme (do a search for callto) or the skype scheme

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Skype4COM.dll should be able to do the job assuming you're in MS-land. You could create a number of Skype users yourself and manage the logins via the API.

EDIT: the DLL requires Skype installed, which is probably unlikely. In general, Jabber is easier for these thing because of that. Another problem with Skype is windows management, especially in a web page. Consider my SO question here on window management.

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Skype API is there for you to integrate in websites:

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This applies to Skype for Business (formally know as Lync). I assume the question is asking about the consumer Skype – Simon Featherstone Mar 9 at 16:23

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