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after upgrading from Ubuntu 12.04 to 12.10 i have a black screen, don't see any thing I well remove this version and install a new one . but I need My all projects from local host. it's Important .

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Perhaps better to try and ask on askubuntu.com –  Evert Mar 26 at 7:30

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First things first: Don't panic!

You can always download a live image in order to recover all of your files. Various Linux distributions are available as a live image, including Ubuntu. These live images allow you to try out a Linux distribution without installing anything on your hard drive, which can be a great tool for data recovery.

There's a bunch of ways to get a live image bootable on your USB flash drive.

Depending on the operating system you have available, these ways vary. Fortunately, Ubuntu's official website provides well-documented tutorials for


Mac OS X and (somewhat ironically)


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if I have a live image, cane access for my recent projects ? –  Ahmed Mar 26 at 8:01
Yes, you can. With a live image, you can access the file system on your hard drive and rescue everything you need. –  Chiru Mar 26 at 8:05
thanks Chiru for your help, i restored my projects now by live image. but no way to fix the Ubuntu Linux System. –  Ahmed Mar 26 at 9:17

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