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I have this ajax_update script that updates file.php every 60 seconds.. Now file.php outputs this after updated a table:

<div id="message" style="display: none;" onclick="closeNotice()">this works

What I am trying to do is that after file.php have updated a field in the database(points), there will come up a message like stackoverflow at the top(just like when you earn a badge) saying that you have received 1 point. anyway:

Here's my update script:

function addpoints()  { 
  var postFile = 'addpoints.php?userid='+ $('#user_id_points').val();
  $.post(postFile, function(data){
    setTimeout(addpoints, 5000);

Now, i have in my index.php, and a load function addpoints script..

But why will this only appear in FF and not in IE?

I have checked with w3c validator, if it could be unclosed tags or something, i fixed all problems and now i have no errors, but still it doesnt work.

So what to do?

You can see my site here:

(use FF and you will see the message at the top, use IE and you wont see anything)

Im pretty lost. thank you

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i'd break up your jquery chain and try each part separately in IE to debug and find out if .html(), .find() or .fadein() is the problem. – kb. Feb 15 '10 at 11:37
How do i do this, thank you for your comment – Karem Feb 15 '10 at 19:31

Display issues in IE can be a really pain i cant help you directly, But firebug lite which can be plugged into any broswer should help you see whats going on in IE

Firebug Lite

If you add the following as a bookmark and stick it on your tool bar it will enable firebug lite off any webpage with a single click.

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