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i have search high and low on the internet and it does not exist. i cant find a single website that shows a few applications created with realbasic. i saw a video that shows the user going to and it shows a load of applications created using realbasic. would anyone know where i can find this information. that link that i gave doesnt even work by them.

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Are you looking for tutorials on how to do it, or just the names of some Applications created with REALbasic? – Ken Aspeslagh Feb 15 '10 at 15:37

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There is also a fairly lengthy thread on the REALbasic Forums. Direct link:

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The Made with REALbasic section at the Association of REALbasic Developers contains a list of many applications created with REALbasic:

(Disclaimer: I am a board member of ARBP)

My site, RBDevZone, also has a community section:

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