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How can I get field names in jSon

 {"degerler":[{"CUSTOMER_NAME":"plasiyer 0001 ","CUSTOMER_NO":"16000005","ID":"1032"}, 
 {"CUSTOMER_NAME":"Ankara distributor ","CUSTOMER_NO":"11100005","ID":"1033"}]}

I have this json but I don't want to reach it's element like this. degerler[0].customer_name; I want to reach like this ; degerler[0][0] is it possible ?

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Objects are not ordered, so this means two things.

  1. you can't depend on the keys to be in order
  2. you do not have numeric access to an object's keys

This is the only way to get the name

var json = '{"degerler":[{"CUSTOMER_NAME":"plasiyer 0001 ","CUSTOMER_NO":"16000005","ID":"1032"},{"CUSTOMER_NAME":"Ankara distributor ","CUSTOMER_NO":"11100005","ID":"1033"}]}';

var data = JSON.parse(json);

console.log(data.degerler[0].CUSTOMER_NAME); // plasiyer 0001

The following won't work

data.degerler[0][0]; // undefined

Because there's no key 0 on data.degerler[0]

If you just want the object's keys, and you can depend on ECMAScript 5, you can use


If you don't have access to ECMAScript 5, you can use

for (var prop in data.degerler[0]) {
  if (data.degerler[0].hasOwnProperty(prop)) {
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