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So, here is the scenario:

I want to create a installer which would just dump few files and folders at a location specified by user. But the problem is these files are required to be picked up from a fixed source folder and then the installer is build. Also, these files may change any time and then again a new version of the installer is required to be created.

So this needs to be done programmatically.

Also, how can I add some coding stuff in setup projects? (New to SETUP PROJECTS)

How? Any ideas/comments appreciated...

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Are you using standard Visual Studio Setup projects?

Have you looked into WiX?

WiX projects are written in XML and can be built with msbuild so you should be able to generate the xml and build the installers programmatically.

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I created a windows application with several forms doing all the required stuff. This windows application behaved like a Setup.

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