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I have a Win Form Application.

Where i use MySql Database. I have three column - Quyntity, sold, and returned.

I want to add a new custom column on datagrid view name - available_quyntity. And it will show the result of (Quyntity - sold) + returned.

Eg - a column have Qyn - 10, Sold - 6, Returned - 2. So, the result of the available_quyntity will be 6.

How can i do this ?

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So what is your issue? –  Oasis Mar 26 at 9:51
Show your code. What have you done so far...! –  pravprab Mar 26 at 10:08

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My Assumption is you are using DataTable to bind with you grid view. here is a sample code that can do this task.

            DataTable dt = your datasource;

            DataColumn dc = new DataColumn();
            dc.ColumnName = "NameForNewColumn";
            dc.DataType = typeof(WhatEverDataTypeYouWant);
            dc.Expression = "(Quyntity - sold) + returned";


            DataGridView.DataSource = dt;
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