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I'm using a ResourceDictionary for all my icons like this:

<ResourceDictionary xmlns=""

    <Canvas x:Key="Icon.Refresh"
            Width="32" Height="32"
            Clip="F1 M 0,0L 32,0L 32,32L 0,32L 0,0">
        <Path Width="28" Height="28"
              Canvas.Left="2" Canvas.Top="2"
              Data="..." /> 

And actual XAML:

<Button Content="{StaticResource Icon.Refresh}"
        Width="40" />

This works fine as most of my Buttons are this size. But when I want to use it on smaller Buttons it overflows the button:

<Button Content="{StaticResource Icon.Refresh}"
        Width="30" />


Is there a way to set the Size of a StaticResource or any other clever thing to do?

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I'm thinking you could put the Canvas inside of a <ViewBox> so that it automatically scales down.

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Canvas is not needed here. – Anatoliy Nikolaev Mar 26 '14 at 10:13

In this situation, the Canvas is not required, accordingly as properties Canvas.Left and Canvas.Top for the Path. As far as I know, it automatically adds the application (e.g. Blend), which generates these Path's. Besides, it is very costly for performance keep for each Path panel Canvas.

You do not need to store the Width and Height of the resource, instead of add Stretch="Fill" to Path:

<Button Width="30" Height="30">
    <Path Name="MyPath"              
          Data="..." />

Most importantly it is Data at object Path. You need to do the following:

In Resources App.xaml, <Window.Resources>, etc. add Path with key:

<Path x:Key="MyPath" Data="F1 M 0,0L ..." />

And in Style or where else use like this:

<Path x:Name="MyPathButton"
      Fill="{StaticResource ButtonBackground}" 
      Data="{Binding Source={StaticResource MyPath}, Path=Data}" />

Or doing so: put Data in Geometry:

<Geometry x:Key="MagnifierIconGeometry">M44,12 C32,12 22,22 22,34 22,46 32,56 44,56 56,56 66,46 66,34 66,22 56,12 44,12z M44,0 C63,0 78,15 78,34 78,53 63,68 44,68 40,68 36.5,67.5 33,66 L32.5,66 14,90 0,79.5 18,55.5 17,55 C13,49 10,42 10,34 10,15 25,0 44,0z</Geometry>

And use like this:

<Path Data="{StaticResource MagnifierIconGeometry}" 
      Stretch="Fill" />
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Your answer is technically correct, but the ViewBox solution is way easier to use – Staeff Mar 27 '14 at 8:49

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