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Please let me know how to get email in windows phone setting because my app can register via email as abc@gmail.com,abc@live.com

public void getEmail

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not enough information. Need some more description. –  Jaihind Mar 26 at 10:30
I mean how to get email account in setting window phone(ex : abc@live.com,abc@gmail.com) like android can get google mail. –  user3409461 Mar 26 at 10:34
You need to apply regex for matche with your special address. Search on the internet, regex match for @live.com or something –  MatDev8 Mar 26 at 10:37
It is not possible to retrieve the user's email address from code –  Jaihind Mar 26 at 11:02
It's not clear what you're trying. Maybe: stackoverflow.com/questions/17387521/… –  WiredPrairie Mar 26 at 11:06

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Not possible on windows phone 8.

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@Cris: I disagree. It's terse, but true. This is not possible on Windows Phone 8. I have voted to close this as a duplicate of stackoverflow.com/questions/22395078/… –  Mike Dimmick Mar 26 at 12:08
It's provide an answer because it's not possible for this platform. And now when other users come in this post, they can easy know the answer. –  MatDev8 Mar 26 at 12:15

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