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I installed Jetty plugin with the below command on windows8 "bin/plugin -url https://s3.amazonaws.com/www.emergi.net/elasticsearch/plugins/elasticsearch-jetty-1.0.0.zip -install elasticsearch-jetty-1.0.0"

It installed successfully and add the realm.properties file in "elasticsearch-1.0.0/config" directory.
"realm.properties" file looks like 
user: pwd,readwrite

I added the below lines in "elasticsearch.yml" file

 http.type: com.sonian.elasticsearch.http.jetty.JettyHttpServerTransportModule
   config: jetty.xml,jetty-hash-auth.xml,jetty-restrict-writes.xml

I restarted the elasticsearch with "elasticsearch.bat" command.

When I put -XPUT,-XPOST or -XDELETE command, it doesnt provide any authentication.

Can anyone tel me what i missed? I followed the same procedure in linux.It works.

Thanks in advance.

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