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I am trying something that is not supported. I want to use the NAG fortran compiler (5.3.1) to mex a fortran file.

Using the command: nagfor -ideclient -abi=64 -compatible -fpp -I"C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2013b\extern\include" -Wl,-shared -thread_safe -L"C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2013b\bin\win64" timesto.F -lmx -lmex -lmat -o timesto.mexw64

I am able to compile and link an adapted version of the timestwo.F fortran example.

I used the very simple code below and this works well.

#include "fintrf.h"
  subroutine mexFunction(nlhs, plhs, nrhs, prhs)
C     Declarations
  implicit none
C     mexFunction arguments:
  mwPointer plhs(*), prhs(*)
  integer nlhs, nrhs
  call mexEvalString('why')

Notice that mexEvalString is a function.

If I now change

  call mexEvalString('why')


  call mexErrMsgTxt('why')

The compilation still works. However, Matlab crashes without giving any indication why.

The only difference I see between both statements is that one contains a subroutine instead of a function.

Has anyone got a clue what is going wrong and how to fix this?

BTW The reason that I use NAG is that we have a windows license for it. So if there are suggestion for a good free fortran compiler for windows that will also help me out.

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An aside: since you have a licence for it stick with the NAG compiler. It produces very good diagnostics and the executables will be competitive in speed with any of its free alternatives. –  High Performance Mark Mar 26 at 11:10
As noted in the question, mexEvalString is a function, so shouldn't be called. –  francescalus Mar 26 at 11:27
Thanks for the comments. If I let mexEvalString return an integer value is also works. But that still leaves the problem with the subroutine crash. –  Hugo Mar 26 at 11:40
This probably doesn't really help you, but I have it seeming to work with nagfor under Linux (R2013a). That isn't too transferable, so I can only suggest fiddling with the compiler flags. –  francescalus Mar 27 at 18:18
Could you give me a list of the flags you use in both compile and link stages? Maybe I am missing a very obvious one. –  Hugo Mar 28 at 8:18

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