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Is it possible to get one single result of the current stats from virt-top? I´ve tried to use the --stream parameter but with that I get a new result every second. I only need one result every execute of the command. How can I reach that?

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From the virt-top man page:

-b Batch mode. In this mode keypresses are ignored.

-n iterations Set the number of iterations to run. The default is to run continuously.

So I think what you want is:

virt-top -b -n 1

This is exactly the same as how you would achieve the same with normal "top".

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Yeah looks nice, but the problem is, that every value in the secion is 0. –  WhiteIntel Mar 27 at 9:43
Perhaps virt-top needs a couple of iterations before it starts reporting reasonable numbers. Can you try -n 2 instead, and just capture the output of the last iteration? –  DigitalTrauma Mar 27 at 14:45

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