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As Apple requested to use https instead of http for distributing the IPAs over the air, I tried to use dropbox. I followed this solution Enterprise app deployment doesn't work on iOS 7.1 but I'm getting this error:

"Cannot connect to dl.dropboxusercontent.com" when trying to install the plist through this link

< a href="itms-services://?action=download-manifest&url=https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/56ny312cwdacho7/xxxxx.plist > Install < /a>

Thanks in advance.

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I had exactly the same issue. Firstly I tried putting all of my files in the public folder of my dropbox account. It still didn't work but I noticed with modifying my plist file I had overwritten the closing "</string>" XML tag for the ipa file itself. Once I added that back in it all worked. So whether it would have worked without moving to the public folder I do not know. I haven't tried because I have the result I desire for my users.

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Right. The problem was in the title of the plist file. I was using a strange character. After removing it, it worked using dropbox. Thanks! –  nano Mar 27 '14 at 8:52

EDIT : Reason is you will need to change link url and reupload it :

  • replace www.dropbox.com with dl.dropboxusercontent.com inall links
  • Reupload by making changes in link which are in html and plist file again.

Thats it. Enjoy


Needed file for distribution using example link are given below :

  • Build your app from xcode using Build and Archive option. Upload your ipa file to Dropbox. And get public link for the ipa.

Note : replace www.dropbox.com with dl.dropboxusercontent.com in the link.

  • Download the manifest.plist - edit the line #14 with the public link of your ipa . Modify other keys as well (bundle-identifier, bundle-version, title) .

  • Upload the modified manifest.plist to Dropbox and get its public link.

  • Download the index.html - edit url param at line #8 with public link of your manifest.plist

  • Upload the index.html to Dropbox and share the public link of it with your beta testers.

Mobile Provision Profile

  • Upload .mobileprovision file in dropbox and get public link.
  • Now create hyperlink of .mobileprovision link in index.html file.
  • Reupload index.html file.

Refer How to distribute using DropBox by @ oldman's answer and Distribute your iPhone/iPad adhoc builds Over The Air using DropBox

It working 100% percent.

Have a nice day to all :)

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How did you find the link dl.dropboxusercontent.com for dropbox.com? –  jailani Aug 20 '14 at 10:10

as already pointed out in a similar reply here, if the PLIST file is malformed, this error will appear.

In my case, I forgot the fact that the ampersand ("&") charcater is forbidden in XML, and the name of my app contained "&" in it, so I had to replace the "&" with "&" in the containing the name and everything worked

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