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I'm following Michael Hartl's Ruby on Rails Tutorial Book.Running returns the :name key in my rails console instead of the "MyName" value.The console commands are;

require user.rb 
 => true 
user = =>"Myname", :email=> "")   

As mentioned, running or returns [:name] and [:email] respectively.What could be the problem?

class User    
  attr_accessor :name, :email

  def initialize (attributes = {})
    @name = [:name]
    @email = [:email]

  def formatted_email
    "#{@name} <#{@email}>"
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You should have:

@name = attributes[:name]
@email = attributes[:email]

in your User#initialize method.

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Oh! snap...silly me..thanks.. – yaboiduke Mar 26 '14 at 11:40

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