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I am planning to open a new website, where many operations will take place quite often.

I plan to create a backup server for it, in case something goes wrong with the datacenter of the main server or with its internet connection.

The backup server should be used only if the first server doesnt work anymore.

  1. I was thinking that the DNS server would handle the redirection of the domain to the MAIN SERVER if the MAIN SERVER is functional and when it would detect that the main server is not responsive anymore, it would make the domain use the BACKUP SERVER. Do I just have to set the nameservers correctly and everything will be handled by the DNS server or is there something else that I need to do?

  2. Is there any APACHE tool or MYSQL tool that would synchronize the database and make a copy of the updated records from MAIN SERVER DB to BACKUP SERVER DB, or do I have to clone each code that updates the database and make that update both databases at the same time (both MAIN and BACKUP server)? Is there a faster method of doing this, which would consume less resources?

The BACKUP and MAIN server will be two different servers placed in different places.

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