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I am doing a maze game. Very simple implementation. Just for fun.

I made a grid Size x Size filled with colored panels. The panels are created from a bi dimensional array (when I store the current state of my maze). For example, for 'X' (walls) I put black panels and for the character I put another color.

The problem is when I change the position of the character. If the board has a small size no problem. But with 101x101 lags a lot, because I delete all panels and create it all over again every time I make a move.

Is there any way to only update the panels that is changed?

Thanks in advance.

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Is there any way to only update the panels that is changed? - yes only to update panel –  mKorbel Mar 26 '14 at 11:52
Why the urge to delete 101x101 colored panels, in order to create them again? Just add(...) any additional new panels if the number increases or remove(...) the excessive ones if the number decreases and always revalidate() afterwards. –  Costis Aivalis Mar 26 '14 at 12:28

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You could store a copy of your array that holds the previous state of the array. Then, when making a move, you compare the currentState and the previousState arrays. If there are differences between those two, then this is where you need to make changes at your panels (and your previousState-array, too).

If you use a boolean array rather than a String array that should work performance-wise also for quite large fields.

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