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I want to display Battery level stats in my app. How can we obtain such information like Battery Power, Battery Voltage, etc.?

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   BroadcastReceiver batteryLevelReceiver = new BroadcastReceiver() {
        public void onReceive(Context context, Intent intent) {
            int rawlevel = intent.getIntExtra("level", -1);
            int scale = intent.getIntExtra("scale", -1);
            int level = -1;
            if (rawlevel >= 0 && scale > 0) {
                level = (rawlevel * 100) / scale; /* This is your battery level */ 
    IntentFilter batteryLevelFilter = new IntentFilter(Intent.ACTION_BATTERY_CHANGED);
    registerReceiver(batteryLevelReceiver, batteryLevelFilter);

or check out this guy (who wrote the code I posted): http://mihaifonoage.blogspot.com/2010/02/getting-battery-level-in-android-using.html

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Is this of any help?

public class Main extends Activity {
   private TextView contentTxt;
   private BroadcastReceiver mBatInfoReceiver = new BroadcastReceiver(){
      public void onReceive(Context arg0, Intent intent) {
         // TODO Auto-generated method stub
         int level = intent.getIntExtra("level", 0);
         contentTxt.setText(String.valueOf(level) + "%");

   public void onCreate(Bundle icicle) {
      contentTxt = (TextView) this.findViewById(R.id.monospaceTxt);
         new IntentFilter(Intent.ACTION_BATTERY_CHANGED));

Also, see this.

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