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I have built an Plagiarism Detection application, using Google API and JavaScript which is working fine, but It could not search when searching material exceeds more than 235 words. Please tell me how to do that.

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You can try xgoogle Python lib.

from xgoogle.search import GoogleSearch, SearchError
  gs = GoogleSearch("quick and dirty")
  gs.results_per_page = 50
  results = gs.get_results()
  for res in results:
    print res.title.encode('utf8')
    print res.desc.encode('utf8')
    print res.url.encode('utf8')
except SearchError, e:
  print "Search failed: %s" % e
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Can you show me an example i don't know how to use xgoogle Python lib? –  Sheery Feb 15 '10 at 13:45
Added. If you can search that long in your browser, you can search it with this lib. –  Juanjo Conti Feb 15 '10 at 13:54

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