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I am doing tests on an ejb3-project using ejb3unit http://ejb3unit.sourceforge.net/Session-Bean.html for testing. All my Services long for @PersistenceContext (UnitName=bla). I set up the ejb3unit.properties like this:


everything works with the in-memory-database.

So now i want additionally test another servicebean with @PersistenceContext (UnitName=noTxDatasource) that goes for a defined in my datasources.xml:


How do I tell ejb3unit to make this work:

Object object = InitialContext.doLookup("java:/noTxDatasource");
if (object instanceof DataSource) {
  return ((DataSource) object).getConnection();
} else { 
  return null;

Currently it fails saying: javax.NamingException: Cannot find the name (noTxDataSource) in the JNDI tree Current bindings: (ejb/MyServiceBean=com.company.project.MyServiceBean)

How can I add this no-tx-datasource to the jndi bindings?

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I hate answering my own questions, but I had some simple thought:

public void setUp() throws Exception {
  OracleDataSource ds = new OracleDataSource();
  ds.setDatabaseName("database"); // SID

  InitialContext ic = new InitialContext();
  ic.add("noTxDatasource", ds);

This will additionally allow you to make the following lookup work:

Object object = InitialContext.doLookup("java:/noTxDatasource");

delivering a datasource (in this case oracle).

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