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I Java I can write this:

Matcher m;
while ((m = pattern.matcher(string)).matches()) {...}

How would I do this in Scala? This doesn't work :

var m: Matcher = null
while ((m = pattern.matcher(s)).matches()) {}
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Assignments return Unit in Scala, but it's ok to use code blocks like this:

while ({
  val m = pattern.matcher(s)
}) { ... }
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If I want to use the val m in the body of the loop? –  Sohaib Jun 26 at 4:18
@Sohaib As I know there's no clean way to do it without using var. But if you're ok with that you may just use this: var m: Matcher = null; while ({ m = pattern.matcher(s); m.matches}) { ... } –  serejja Jun 30 at 18:37

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