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How do i print half as .500 using sprintf instead of 0.500 ? Both statement below print 0.500.

   my $half=1/2;

   print sprintf("%0.3f\n", $half); 
   print sprintf("%.3f\n", $half); 
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Why do you want to omit the leading zero; it is much better/safer/more readable to include it. –  Jonathan Leffler Mar 26 at 14:26
I agree. but just to match with some old legacy code –  Pungs Mar 26 at 14:44

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This isn't possible to do using sprintf alone. You can use the code you have and then remove the leading zero using whatever method you like (regex is easy).

my $half = 1 / 2;
my $format = sprintf("%.3f", $half);
$format =~ s/^0//;
print "$format\n";
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In 5.14+: say sprintf("%.3f", $half) =~ s/^0//r; –  ikegami Mar 26 at 14:13

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