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I have a delphi form with TFDConnection, TFDQuery, TDataSource and TDBGrid. I want to show the data that my query gets (select * from table_1) and put it in my DBGrid. I've made all the connections between the components, but after I launch my query (which returns 12 rows) in my DBGrid are shown 12 rows but they are empty. Apparentely I forgot something that prevents me from seeing my data in my DBGrid. Can you help me what I'm missing in my actions ?

  • 1- Adding all components to the form.
  • 2- Connect FDQuery with FDConnection, TDataSource with FDQuery, DBGrid with TDataSource.
  • 3- Connection parameters succed in testing (the problem is not in my connection parameters)
  • 4- The number of rows are placed in my DBGrid (12), but with no information visible.
  • 5- If I loop through my FDQuery I can see all the information I need but that doesn't help me populate my DBGrid.
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It should work. I just repeated all the steps: A TFDConnection, created connection to SQLite database, tested connection, even ran a test query in the connection dialog SQL tab. Dropped a TFDQuery, set the connection to FDConnection1 and SQL to the test query used before. Set FDConnection1.Connected to True, FDQuery1.Active to True, dropped a TDataSource, set the DataSet to FDQuery1. Dropped a TDBGri and set DBGrid1.DataSource to DataSource1, and the data appeared in the DBGrid. –  Ken White Mar 26 '14 at 22:28
Are the fields defined to be visible? I suppose you could set everything up then define the fields to be invisible. –  No'am Newman Mar 27 '14 at 7:10
And what happens if you explicitly give up the needed fields in your select statement instead of using 'select *' ? –  Copilot Mar 27 '14 at 8:42
@KenWhite -> The thing is I have to fill my connection parameters run-time not design-time and that's why I can't test it design-time. –  Roman_Bezjak Mar 27 '14 at 13:06
@No'amNewman -> If I undersand correctly you mean that somewhere something happens that makes my fields invisible - after testing it showed me that all my fields are visible so this is not where my problem is coming. –  Roman_Bezjak Mar 27 '14 at 13:07

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Can you try this:

Make your TFDQuery active explicitly in your OnShow code of your Form. Like this,

procedure TForm.FormShow(Sender: TObject);
    FDQuery.Active:= True;

It works for me and hope it helps.

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The DataControls which associates one control to another, may lose their settings at runtime. –  A_R Oct 31 '14 at 14:53
Still unable to see my data ... –  Roman_Bezjak Nov 3 '14 at 11:40
The solution which I gave works for me. Otherwise it's bit hard to find out. May be you can try once again with a new project for this particular task, I hope it doesn't take much time to retry. –  A_R Nov 3 '14 at 15:52

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