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Hi I am working on RabbitMQ integration. I have a problem to deal with queues - If Q1 is processing and it is taking time then how can i process another queue in between?

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What do you mean with a queue is processing? Queues are 'dumb pipes'. If your application is busy, and you want more, you need to look at workers. –  Gerben Jacobs Mar 26 at 14:29
I mean to say i have one process in queue and it is taking so much time, as a result another process ( which is in queue ) is not executing –  Raj Sf Mar 26 at 14:33
I think it is sequential processing - I want process to execute parallely –  Raj Sf Mar 26 at 14:36
Yeah, but your problem is not with RabbitMQ, it's with your processor that can't do the messages quick enough. Right? –  Gerben Jacobs Mar 26 at 14:37
That's what everyone's been trying to tell you. Having only a single worker working on a queue means only a single job can be done at a time. If you want jobs to be done in parallel, have multiple workers work on the same queue. –  deceze Mar 26 at 18:18

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