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I'm trying to get my rails app to fetch the HTML source of a web page.

I want to get all of the HTML from a URI like /news_articles/7 into a string.

I tried using something like Nokogiri but it seems to lock mutex.

The purpose for this is to send a string of HTML to Amazon's SES.


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1) I cannot parse your ... get all of the HTML a URI .... 2) What is Nokugiri? 3) It seem => It seems 4) reason => purpose –  sawa Mar 26 at 14:51
You can just go to your app, right-click and view source? –  Rich Peck Mar 26 at 14:51
You probably want to use something like ActionMailer with SES, instead of trying to render a page into a string. stackoverflow.com/questions/4798437/… –  Casper Mar 26 at 14:52

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Nokogiri in combination with Mechanize will serve you well.


gem 'nokogiri'
gem 'mechanize'


agent = Mechanize.new()
# allow the agent to follow redirects
agent.follow_meta_refresh = true
# get the desired page
page = agent.get('http://www.mysite.com/new_articles/7')
# output its html

Possible Duplicate

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I think he's trying to run this from within a Rails request cycle. Hence he will deadlock the whole Rails app. That's his main problem. –  Casper Mar 26 at 15:06
Jup that makes more sense, I guess you provided the right link –  TheChamp Mar 26 at 15:08

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