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I have some EUnit tests that, as part of their setup/teardown process start and stop some applications.

Any time an application is stopped, Erlang outputs a big log-blob like

=INFO REPORT==== 26-Mar-2014::10:43:18 ===
    application: asn1
    exited: stopped
    type: temporary

The EUnit code I'm using is

my_test_() ->
     fun() -> 
         {ok, Apps} = application:ensure_all_started(my_app)
     fun({ok, AppList}) ->
         lists:foreach(fun (App) -> application:stop(App) end, AppList)

This gets me the list of all the applications that got started for my my_app application and then that value is passed back to the shutdown function which stops each of those.

Is there anything I can do to keep Erlang quiet about the applications getting shut down? It spews out a lot of text and makes it harder to find output that I care about.

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Yes, you can write:

 queit_stop(App) ->
     Res = application:stop(App),
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