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I'm new to VS and trying to use NHunSpell in my project. After the usual effort, I think I'm on the right track and one last problem remains: how to add the .dic and .aff files and have them present in my project.

I've installed NHunSpell via NuGet so it's included in the project when I commit.

So far, I have tried:

  • Putting the files in the all of the .dll directories
  • Adding them as a resource in the project properties
  • Embedding them in the project as an "embedded resource" with "copy always"
  • Embedding them in the project as an "resource" with "copy always"

The problem is that the Hunspell constructor expects two string arguments pointing to the files, like so:

 Hunspell hunspell = new Hunspell("en_us.aff", "en_us.dic"); even when I am successful at adding them as a resource, they are a) byte arrays and b) not included when I build the project. I have built the project successfully with absolute paths to the local machine, but this obviously isn't optimal.

So, how can I add these paths to the build (and subsequent commit so future pull-ers can use them)?

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Ah-ha - after way too long, looks like the solution is Server.MapPath:

Hunspell hunspell = new Hunspell(

To test where the base path is, you can use:

string s = System.AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory;
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