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i need the following and was wondering the best way to go about this, im just looking for suggestions about where to start and what is best to use for each aspect...

  1. i need a user to enter an email address, they should then receive an email from the server/site with a generated "id".

  2. user should be able to login once id received, otherwise locked out of site.

  3. site should load xml fields via php/mysql/ajax (all or any)

  4. site should remember user id once logged in(sessions?), and the user should be able to enter an a numeric amount into a field next to each "item" from the fields outputted in the XML.

  5. multiple users should be able to enter numeric "bids" into an area of each field and should be updated/refreshed (ajax?) automatically when the users are logged on (so they know if another user has outbid them).

  6. it should display only if the user is currently outbid with the current amount, but no other info.

  7. at the end of a set time, no user will be able to bid, and the highest bid from each field will be sent an email confirming they won the bid.

  8. all data should be stored in a "backend" page, where ideally i can change the field data if need be during the auction, and also look at the bid history ect.

i know this is very high level but i'm looking for a place to start.

my thoughts would be: use maybe a php framework like codeigniter, hook up the server and ajax refesh calls and setup smtp setting to email the winning users.

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Sounds like a good plan to me. However, there are alternatives, like using a framework such as Symphony, Kohana, or MVC principles.

I'd go with PHP, as I'm fond of it and I know this can be made using it. Ajax would be perfect to update the auction and SMTP to send emails.

Another tip would be to store your data in a database such as MySql with PhpMyAdmin, especially for the data overview.

If you choose to go with PHP, consider reading PHP The Right Way. It is a wonderful recource for best practices, not only concerning working with PHP code but also with your build and deployment process.

Also consider using AngularJS and Bootstrap/Angular Ui Bootstrap for the front end. It basically does everything for you and all that is left is pushing a few CSS statements around.

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