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Hello I have a column in excel that contains a list of dates, say for example


and then in another column I have a formula to detect whether or not the date is 6 months older than today and if it is display true in this column for eg

02/09/13                    True

my formula so far is


My question is if the column that contains the dates contains certain text for example

02/09/13   true

No date present

How would i get the "true/false" column to detect this text and print it instead of true or false, I have tried numerous different formulas with ORs/Ands nested IFs and multiple IFs..E.G



I am out of ideas as to how to make this work, If it is at all possible

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Maybe this:


or for general case:

=IFERROR(DATEDIF(E17,TODAY(),"m")>=6, E17)
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We have a winner on the answers, thank you all for your answers but Simoco has the winning answer...Thank you very much! I had that similar answer myself but i had it the wrong way round as i had the datedif always first..doh! –  user2012630 Mar 26 '14 at 18:00

Dates are Numbers. So you can check if it is a number via a function and if not then print it.

In addition some Numbers may be not plausible so you could check the number for its range and if it is implausible also print it.

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You could test if datedif returned an error (which it would if the cell contained text rather than a date), and take appropriate action from there.

For example:

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