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Attoparsec provides the function takeWhile1 that consumes at least one character.

However, there is no analog for takeTill. How can I implement this function takeTill1?

Note: This question intentionally shows no research effort as it was answered Q&A-Style. While this question is similar to this previous one the answer is not the same. I think the missing takeTill1 is a potential hurdle for beginners and this question therefore deserves a separate answer.

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To the downvoter: Please comment what you think is wrong with this question. Simply downvoting it, without explanation, will not make anything any better. I assume you're the person who serially downvotes my post. If you'd like something to be improved, I'd appreciate if you'd leave a comment instead of downvoting serially. – Uli Köhler Mar 27 '14 at 17:46
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You simply need to invert the predicate takeWhile1 takes (see this blogpost for a description on how to invert predicates if you are a beginner):

takeTill1 :: (Char -> Bool) -> Parser ByteString
takeTill1 p = takeWhile1 (not . p)

Also see this excellent answer providing a fast implementation for skipWhile1.

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