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I have posted earlier about this system were building however I have since fixed most errors since then.

Now I'm stuck again, not sure if this is a CSS issue or a JavaScript one, if anyone could help that would be most appreciated.

This is where i have gotten to so far.

So I fixed the Chrome errors and the Firefox ones however it still wont allow me to click the #face, #eye div tags, or should I say its not showing them.

Through the desktop browser everything works however when I use this on Android it takes you to the #href anchor however it doesn't show it, this leads me to the CSS issue again. I feel like I'm going round in circles so if anyone is in a position to help you would save me from such a head ache. thanks for your time.

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Sorry, i have just notice the link to the site was removed. i hope this helps for reference the site in question with the CSS errors can be found: a1jw.com/mker/newChoopie/testing/stage5 –  Britnet Mar 27 at 15:29
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