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I need to create and access a spatialite-extended SQLite database under x64 windows.

I have downloaded the latest version called of System.Data.SQLite. It is referenced from my Visual Studio (2012) project, and seems to work just fine by itself.

I also have the latest precompiled x64 spatiaLite version 4.1.1 called All the dlls from spacialite are present in the executing directory.

When I try to load the extension:

using (var conn = new SQLiteConnection("Data Source=\"" + _sqLiteFullName + "\""))

I get an AccessViolationException (Attempted to read protected memory. This is often an indication that other emmory is corrupt) on the LoadExtension() line.

I notice when looked at with PE Deconstructor (software that determines the bitnewss of dll/exe), it says that my copy of System.Data.SQLite.dll (from the x64 package) is actually 32bits. Is that the problem?

How to I remedy this?

How has anyone else got spatiaLite working on x64?

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Actually, the problem could be in spatialite-4.dll this autmun I spent a week trying to fix the same issue without success. It looks like that there problems in spatialite-4.dll (I mean this one downloaded form gaia-sins (official spatialite site) ) You can try to build a Spatialite from sources (like a nightmare (: ) or try to look for another build of .dll. Second option helped me. Btw, there a couple of .dlls you need to use Spatialite extension:

  1. libsqlite3-0.dll
  2. libgeos-3-0-2.dll
  3. libgeos-c-1.dll
  4. libiconv2.dll
  5. libproj-0.dll
  6. libvirtualtext-2.dll
  7. libspatialite-2.dll <----- Spatialite v.2 completely suits my project. As I told, if you need v.4 you can try to build it or look for a another build. Hope, this helps
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download mod_spatialite from the site, choose mod_spatialite-4.2.0-win-amd64.7z. unzip and copy all dll to the bin folder of your program.

sample code: SELECT load_extension("mod_spatialite") // doesn't need the '.dll' suffix.

using (var cnn = new SQLiteConnection(connStr))
                //connStr = "FullUri=file::memory:?cache=shared;Pooling=True;Max Pool Size=200;";


                using (SQLiteCommand mycommand = new SQLiteCommand("SELECT load_extension(\"mod_spatialite\")", cnn))
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