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I'm using the web interface of Amazon's S3, and when I right-click a folder X and choose Delete, X seems to be deleted. Then when I refresh the interface, X may either disappear or remain; if I keep clicking refresh, the folder is either missing or present. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong? The folder is still present, as far as I can tell; one of my EMR jobs complains that the output folder X still exists.

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are you double checked? cause it not happened in my case –  zigs Mar 26 '14 at 17:11
did you ever figure this out? I can't run my EMR jobs over my cloudfront access logs because this empty cloudfront/ folder is sitting there... –  The Puma Jun 8 at 17:34
Have you tried using the AWS CLI and invoking aws s3 rm s3://your-bucket/cloudfront/ ? Another thing to check is the EMRFS metadata table. Are there any keys with that cloudfront folder in them? –  verve Jun 8 at 22:10
Might be related to versioning being turned on within the bucket, see my newest answer posted for a hint @ThePuma –  Mike Atlas Jul 22 at 17:01

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S3 does not actually use folders. Instead the path separators in object paths are treated like folders. If you want to remove a folder, all the contents of the folder will have to get deleted.

If there is any delay in deleting all of the contents, the folder may continue to exist.

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To elaborate, the folder may persist in the web interface until you refresh the contents of the now-empty folder, by navigating into and then out of the folder. –  congusbongus Dec 22 '14 at 2:52
so you can't remove a "folder" and everything under that prefix by deleting the folder/prefix? Seems odd.. –  mmcrae Mar 12 at 16:20

I think I'm seeing similar behavior. My bucket has versioning turned on; even with an empty folder/directory within the bucket, attempting to "delete" the folder/directory within the bucket via the AWS web UI console does not result in it actually being removed. I presume the "deleted" versions of the files within that path still exist (but are not visible in the web console), therefore the bucket isn't truly empty, and isn't truly getting deleted. You may need to check via the CLI tools if existing deleted versions of files in that folder/directory exist (but are not visible in the web console) and delete the files permanently, then attempt to remove the folder/directory in your bucket.

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