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I am experimenting the use of Rational Asset Manager to store our binaries and/or build artifacts. I am running a mvn deploy command to deploy my build artifacts to RAM. Although it recognizes the connection its throwing me a Http status code: 500 error.

I have also checked RAM logs for more information but i don't see any specific exception. All the examples or documents out on internet says we have to configure RTC build engine to run the builds.

I just want to know if anyone have tried publishing to RAM from command line using Mvn deploy ( without using RTC client ) ? is this do-able?

If you have successfully published artifacts to RAM using maven, can you please elaborate on how you did it?

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It seems to be possible, if you follow the steps described in:

Before you can use Maven assets, a repository administrator must enable the Maven model library. For more information, see Enabling the Maven library.

The mvn client can integrate with Rational Asset Manager, using Rational Asset Manager as a Maven repository.

Before you deploy from Maven to Rational Asset Manager, you must add a repository entry to the pom.xml file on the computer where you plan to run the mvn client. See Creating and using Maven assets for more information.

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I was able to deploy the artifact using mvn deploy after changing the following things in RAM

  • Pointed to a JRE version in RAM ( originally was pointing to JDK version) and
  • Changed permissions for my role for saving my artifacts in RAM ("save Work Item") Reference
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