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I want to use ContainsTable to get counts on individual words embedded in a t-sql nvarchar column called description. If I provide the criteria of Red Or Green, how can I tell which one actually matched off? In short, i am trying to do word counts and am looking for the best approach.

thanks in advance

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Post your current or query – Paparazzi Mar 26 '14 at 18:59
See this Question & Answer: stackoverflow.com/questions/738282/… – Fer R Jul 29 '14 at 22:19

here you go:

drop function dbo.CountOccurrencesOfWord

create function dbo.CountOccurrencesOfWord(
    @text varchar(max),
    @word varchar(8000)
returns int
        @index int = charindex(@word, @text, 1),
        @len int = len(@word),
        @count int = 0
    while @index > 0  begin             
        set @count = @count + 1
        set @index = charindex(@word, @text, @index + @len)
    return @count


if object_id('tempdb..#example') is not null
    drop table #example
create table #example(
    description nvarchar(4000) not null

insert into #example select 'red yellow green red white blue red redred red green red'
insert into #example select 'red yellow green red'
insert into #example select 'orange grey green'
insert into #example select ''
insert into #example select 'magenta aqua cyan'

select dbo.CountOccurrencesOfWord(description, 'red'), description
from #example

word of caution- this kind of logic can be quite costly in t-sql.

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